Books for desperate parents with their children

Books for desperate parents with their children

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1. Tantrums, tantrums, and bad manners Jesus Jarque Garcia
This handy manual will help you understand your child screaming and kicking. With the latest tips to solve any setback, from how to calm children instantly to alternatives to No!

2. The aggressive child Isabel Serrano Painted
Aggressive behavior is inherited or learned? What can I do to stop my son or daughter from hitting or yelling or hitting everyone in the way when they are angry? Who can help them change? Can aggressive behavior be prevented? This guide answers these questions and many others related to aggressiveness in children in a simple way and offers strategies to evaluate this behavior in children and help them change.

3. The couple. A guide for desperately inexperienced parents Manel Fontdevila
Mauricio and Emilia -the couple- have grown and reproduced a little, resulting in a healthy and happy baby named Oscar. This circumstance does not imply that the father of the child has become a responsible and mature being, far from it, but, as the intention is what counts, with the love and patience of Emilia this family will be a success. Pregnancy, childbirth and "we're home, now what?", In a book that is unlike any other, although there are a thousand who speak of the same. Guide for desperately inexperienced parents is a hilarious manual to use for all those who are thinking about getting pregnant, for those who are already pregnant and, of course, for those who have already given birth.

4. There are no perfect parents Bruno Bettelheim
As Dr. Bettelheim tells us, perfect parents only exist in our fantasy. The aim is to be "good enough" parents, to establish a mutually rewarding relationship with their children, and to develop a great sense of security as parents.

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