Lullaby books and bedtime songs

Lullaby books and bedtime songs

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1. Children's songs and lullabies of the baobab + CD
Various Authors
30 lullabies, wedding and work songs, dances and sung games, compiled by Chantal Grosléziat, musician and pedagogue. 10 countries and 11 languages, with transcription of the original lyrics and translation into Spanish. The musical CD offers a rich and varied musical universe, respectful of tradition.

2. Go to sleep, child. Anthology of lullabies
María Menéndez-Ponte, Ana Serna Vara
In Sleep, boy, popular lullabies have been compiled from our country and Latin America, as well as a small selection of the best known in both world folklore and music.

3. Baby TV let's go to sleep
Baby TV is the first television block in Latin America specifically dedicated to babies and children under 3 years of age.

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