Solidarity accounts for the victims of Peru and Asia

Solidarity accounts for the victims of Peru and Asia

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UNICEF and the Red Cross maintain open accounts in Multicaja to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Peru and the floods in Asia, the savings entity reports. The earthquake that has just struck central and southern Peru has left a high number of deaths and several thousand injured, which, together with the material damage, necessitates solidarity and support for these areas.The misfortune coincided with the floods caused by the monsoons, which have devastated South Asia and affected India , Nepal and Bangladesh, where they have caused material damage and hundreds of deaths.In the case of the Spanish Red Cross, the name of the account is International Emergencies and the account number is 0198 0500 85 1155046327. The CIF is Q2827014H.The UNICEF Foundation maintains an account called UNICEF programs, with the number 0198 0500 88 2004202723 and the CIF G84451087. HUESCA / 180807

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