The Stork Kit: A Guide for Baby's First Year

The Stork Kit: A Guide for Baby's First Year

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Babies do not come with an instruction manual, and parents are not always prepared to take care of and deal with everything their baby needs. The stork kit is an example of it.

Antonio Machado already said "Walker there is no path, the path is made by walking ..." That happens with parents. Fatherhood and motherhood are made from the experience and contact month by month with the children. In this book that I recommend, you will find two works: "The first year of your baby" and the "Agenda for the first year of the baby". The first of them is a complete guide full of information, illustrations, ideas and advice, developed by different specialists and experts on the subject, especially what involves the health and education of the baby, in its first year of life.

Parents will be able to find explanations about how to hold the baby, how to react to their cries, how to breastfeed, massages, changing diapers, bathing, as well as being aware of what awaits them regarding feeding, sleeping and affective bonds. In short, this guide will leave no doubt to parents, which will directly benefit the baby. As for the second book, it is an agenda in which parents can capture sensations and memories of their baby: Note the loss of the first tooth, when it begins to walk, its first little word, photos of different stages and moments, its first smile, and everything they think is important to keep in store. In addition, the two books come in a gift box that parents can use to store photos and memories of their baby. The Stork kit It is published by Libros Cúpula and can be purchased at the bookstore on our site, at a price of 39.50 euros. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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