Campaign: solidarity menu for the children of India

Campaign: solidarity menu for the children of India

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I wish we could change the situation for many disadvantaged children, right? I wish there were no hunger and that everyone could be in good health. This is the case of Solidarity menu, a campaign that wants to give breakfast to the children of India, for a year.

The Pequerecetas portal, in collaboration with Global Humanitaria, aims, with the "Solidarity Menu" campaign, to raise 2,768 euros, and thus feed 138 children in India, for a whole year. our site joins this initiative of to ask for your collaboration. The latest UNICEF report on child nutrition revealed that 195 million children under 5 years of age suffer stunting in developing countries, due to poor nutrition during the first two years of life. It is very difficult for them to change this situation, but we can do something for these children, and whatever it takes.

All the amount raised will be used to offer a daily breakfast at the end of classes, to 138 children from the Mridapara Educational Center, on the island of Kumirmari, one of the most disadvantaged areas of India. As we all know, breakfast is a fundamental diet for the development of children. Donations can be made through bank transfer or card. The amount can be 5, 20, 50 euros, or whatever you can contribute. The important thing is that you are contributing so that these children receive a food reinforcement next year. If you want to join this effort, you just have to click the link below, which will take you directly to the Global Humanitaria website, and thus choose and conclude the donation. You can also spread the word about the campaign, because the more people who join this purpose, the better. Thanks! JOIN THE SOLIDARITY MENU! Vilma Medina. Editor of our site.

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