New tissue against atopic dermatitis in babies

New tissue against atopic dermatitis in babies

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Does your child have dermatitis? No, what luck! If he does, what a restlessness. My daughter had atopic dermatitis from the first to three years, and it was really distressing to see her scratch her neck, the back of her knees, her forearm ... Her skin, especially that of the joints, became very red and itchy constant, uncontrollable!

I remember that at this time, day in and day out, we went to the pharmacy next to the house, in search of some magic potion to calm and avoid the symptoms of dermatitis. It was a coming and going to medical consultations, to the pharmacy, but it was in vain. Between one attempt and another, we realized that some details made small differences. I have stopped bathing my daughter with soap, I did it with soapy gel, which I was doing was sanitizing the skin and nothing else. I have also neglected perfumed colognes, and apart from that, on medical advice, I smeared my daughter's skin with lots of moisturizer. Hydration prevented dryness, itching, and so my daughter scratched less and the area did not become irritated or inflamed. Atopic dermatitis is characterized by dry skin caused by a malfunction of the skin that is not able to retain moisture causing irritation and itching to the baby.

Another detail that I remember and that caused a little more irritation in my little girl's neck and arms was the clothes. The polyester seams that brushed his neck made him blush instantly. So I decided to only dress her in 100% cotton clothing. Little by little, the dermatitis was dismissed, for the tranquility of all, it turns out that now a natural fabric has emerged, made with 95 percent soy fiber, which helps to regenerate the skin of babies with atopic and allergic dermatitis. In some pharmacies you can already find baby clothes, made with this fabric. Soy contains 40 percent protein, whose amino acids stimulate the production of collagen in the child's skin, nourishing it, regenerating it and maintaining its moisture in a natural way. It's called Dermatex, it was developed by Aitex and the Mediterranean Dermatological Institute, and is being recommended by pediatricians, dermatologists, and midwives. I think it's all a matter of testing it.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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