Today, the book is celebrating!

Today, the book is celebrating!

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The book is celebrating! Today, especially, the book is the protagonist of the news, in schools, in celebrations, etc. On April 23, 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and "El Inca" Garcilaso de la Vega, three writers who became a universal reference in literature, died. Because of that, the date was established by UNESCO, as the International Book Day.

If I can be proud of something I did for my daughter's education, that would be the special stimulation and motivation that I guided her through reading. My daughter is a reader without brakes. It's not that she reads all the books ahead, but that she devours them! As a child, instead of falling asleep with a teddy bear, she fell asleep, clinging to a book. The book has always been his companion, his friend, his favorite "toy".

I think the book gives my daughter this world that we all seek to breathe and give wings to our imagination and fantasy. The pleasure of reading is born from the pages of a book. The pages are layers that we leave behind, to give way to what the book really reveals and tells us.

Do you remember the last book you read to or with your child?
If you haven't read a book to your child yet, it's always time to start. The best thing would be, what book are you planning to read to your child today? It would be a good day to start motivating your child to read, to create the habit, the habit of dedicating at least half an hour a day to reading. Start with a book that you think might interest him. You don't have to read the entire book in one day. Teach your child to savor the book, little by little, a page or a chapter each day, and thus you will leave a taste of curiosity in his mouth for the next day. Choose a book based on his age and interests.

In the library of our site you can find various suggestions according to the topic that interests both parents and children.

Here are some suggestions:

Book to read to children from 0 to 2 years old

Book for the first readings to children from 2 to 5 years old

The garden of dreams Where is your blanket? The children will be able to enjoy with the Igglepiggle bear, the Upsy Daisy doll, the rebellious Ombliboo Tombliboo, Makka Pakka, Pontipines, Wotingers, Pinky Ponk All these characters will share with the children through books, songs, riddles, they will begin their first steps in the world of colors, mathematics through numbers, the first letters or approach the world of nature using imagination and fantasy

I have a pee, it's the same every night. Le n wakes up wanting to pee. Then he calls his mommy: Mommy, Pee! Mama Penguin gets up and takes Leon to the bathroom. Then Mom and Leon go back to bed. Many times, Leon wants to pee twice. Then, Leon calls his dad: Dad, Pee! Every morning is the same. Daddy and Mommy are very tired

Reading book for children 6 to 8 years old

8 year old reading book

We are all born free; every man, woman and child on this planet is free. Wherever we live, wherever we are, these are our rights and no one can take them away from us. Our rights protect us from all kinds of violence, fear, abuse, mistreatment, racism, situations of disrespect, etc.
The rainbow is a bridge of friendship that is crossed by all the children of the world who can speak the language of Peace. It does not matter that they are of different race, sex, religion, nationality ... They all have the same rights and together they walk the path of harmony and well-being.

Violet A very special hippo! Violet is an unusual and very small but very special hippo who appears out of nowhere one day and bounces in the life of Albert and MavisHipona. Before long, Violeta causes quite a stir, not just because of her size, but because she has another quality: she has the habit of turning pink without warning and for no inexplicable reason! That will both make her feel different and discriminated against by some animals in the jungle, and it will make her a Hollywood star. Violet will live exciting adventures.

Reading books for children from 8 years old

Super Witch Kika and the Dragon Exam A scale from Hector, the little domestic dragon of the witch Elviruja, will help Kika visit her two old friends with the "Witch's Leap". But it turns out that Hector is not with Elviruja in the Dark Forest, but at the foot of the Dragon Fortress, about to take the most difficult exam of his entire life.
Fonchito and the moon. The story begins with "Fonchito dying to kiss the cheeks of Nereida, the prettiest girl in her class. Nereida had big, lively eyes, a turned up nose, very black hair and a snow-white complexion "With Fonchito, one can live the emotion of first love and follow the adventures of its protagonist who shows what one is capable of doing for a loved one, to get a kiss from him , even if your request is nothing less than the Moon.

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