Autumn bouquet of flowers II

Autumn bouquet of flowers II

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The children's crafts they are always the best pastime for the little ones. Children can develop their imagination and intellectual development and have a good time is family. Guiainfantil proposes different alternatives to make different children's crafts. A creative and easy craft with which children will transform a few autumn leaves in a beautiful bouquet of flowers, to give as a gift or to add a touch of color and warmth to your home during the coldest times of the year. To assemble this bouquet of flowers it is necessary to gather:

- Medium or large leaves of different shades of colors.
- Dark colored thread.

6- Repeat the same operation with the third leaf, forming the third layer of petals.
7- A flower is formed. One of those who will compose the bouquet.
8- With a thread, tie the base of the petals.
9- Once all the steps have been followed, make other flowers. Tie the flowers at the base of the petals.
10- Take a few leaves and form the bouquet.
11- Place the flowers in the middle and tie the base well. The result is here, a bright and cheerful autumn bouquet!
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