Meaning of the name Marcos. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Marcos. Name for boys

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Name with allusion to strength. There have been illustrious bearers of this name: Marco Antonio, Marco Aurelio… And the symbol of their patron is a winged lion.

Comes from marcus, marcellus: "hammer", "relative to the god Mars"

March 24, April 25 and September 7.


  • Marc Chagall, French painter of Russian origin (1887-1985)
  • Marco Pantani, Italian cyclist (1970-2004)
  • Marc Knopfler, British rock guitarist (1949)
  • Marc Parrot, Spanish singer
  • Marc Gasol, Spanish basketball player (1985-)
  • Marc Gené, Spanish Formula 1 driver
  • Marcus Van Basten, Dutch soccer player (1964-)

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