Joaquina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Joaquina

Joaquina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Joaquina

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Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Joaquina.

Joaquin was the name of the father of the Virgin Mary and also that of one of the kings of Judah, however its use did not become popular until the 14th century.

It comes from yeho ya qim: "Yahweh will build"

February 3, April 16, July 26, August 16 and October 29.


  • Joaquín Sabina, Spanish musician (1949)
  • Joaquín Sorolla, Spanish painter (1863-1923)
  • Joaquín Blume, Spanish gymnast (1933-1959)
  • Joaquín Rodrigo, Spanish composer (1901-1999).

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