Labor and delivery: Four ways a partner can help

Labor and delivery: Four ways a partner can help

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While your partner is in labor, you might be unsure of what to do in the delivery room. Watch this live birth video to learn four ways you can help.

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Labor and delivery: Four ways a partner can help

Niles: I'm trying to be here in support for my amazing, divine, beautiful wife.

1. Be supportive and present.

Niles: I try to give you an uplift.

Jackie: From providing my ChapStick to bringing my water to keeping things lighthearted and everything.

Niles: Yeah, support. It's a bunch of support. Good job, hon.

2. Listen to her needs.

Jackie: Take your hand off. It's not really doing anything.

Niles: I can't find your ChapStick is the bad news.

Jackie: Where's your ChapStick!

3. Know where things are packed.

Niles: I can't find it!

Jackie: I have a couple in my purse.

Dr. La Folette: Add to it, add to it, add to it, add to it. There it is. Ring of fire. Push through it, push through it. Umbilical cord, umbilical cord.

4. Savor the moment.

Dr. La Folette: Watch out for the umbilical cord. I got her, I got her. There she is! Look at her, look at her, look at her!

Niles: Oh, she's beautiful!

Dr. La Folette: So you're going to cut here. There she is. Now she's yours, okay? Congratulations, everybody.

To see this family's live birth in its entirety: Our Site/live-birth-epidural

Video production by MEgTV.

Watch the video: Comfort Measures Support in Labour (July 2022).


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