Ways to encourage independence

Ways to encourage independence

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Your baby's becoming a big kid

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Ways to encourage independence

Age 3+
Let your child care for a pet
Caring for something helps develop responsibility

Age 4+
Stock a special snack drawer
Fill it with pre-portioned snacks just for your child

Choose a snack with:
All natural ingredients
No added sugar

In time, your child will learn to follow his or her own hunger cues

Age 3+
Let your child be a fashionista
Suggest a couple of options and let your child decide

Aim for self-expression not perfection!

Age 3+
Get your child some DIY shoes
Try laces, velcro, or slip-ons... whatever your child is comfortable with
Practice makes perfect!

Age 5+
Have your child help around the house
Stick to simple jobs like washing the veggies

One day, your child will be cooking for you

A little patience
A little guidance
A lot of love

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