How to keep your toddler warm in winter

How to keep your toddler warm in winter

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How to keep your toddler warm in winter


A onesie with pants is usually fine.

In cooler homes, add a light sweater.

Choose one that's not too bulky – comfort is key!

Nonskid socks or booties will keep those toes warm.

Aim to keep your child warm, but not hot.


Check her diaper or go to the potty BEFORE putting winter clothes on.

Wear layers that come on and off easily.

Use a neck warmer instead of a scarf, and mitten clips instead of strings.

Velcro closures, snaps, and zippers make life easier.

Patience may be required!


Young children generate less body heat and get cold faster than adults.

Check often that your child is warm and dry.

Make sure boots and mittens aren't soaked.

Keep extra dry mittens and socks in your diaper bag – just in case.

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