My child’s transition to kindergarten

My child’s transition to kindergarten

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She had gone to preschool, so she was used to the separation. I was just concerned that not knowing any of the children having just moved into the neighborhood it would be difficult. But she was really excited to make new friends and to have this new experience.

It was something else just dropping her off that first day for her to start school because she just didn’t want to—she didn’t want to go with other kids.

The first day was horrible because she screamed and cried. And I stood outside the door and it was a difficult time for me. But probably by the second day later or the third day, she was okay.

Kindergarten half day is about two and a half hours. And I think that that time is just perfect. Enough time to be away from mom, dad, and home, but also getting acclimated to new students, new teachers, and just schedules.

She was a little nervous. Had some maybe a little bit of apprehension. But we led up to believe that it’s a fun place. Your friends are going to be there. You’re going to meet your teacher and I think once she kind of learned that and she saw some of her friends there she actually really enjoyed it.

My six-year-old started kindergarten and loves it. She wants to go very day even on the weekends. She can’t get enough of it.

I don’t feel remotely prepared for him to go to kindergarten. I don’t. I mean God bless his daycare people and his teachers that he’s had because I know that they have—they have prepared him for that. But I don’t feel prepared for him to go to kindergarten. I just can’t believe that it’s already here.

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