Chores: Our family’s rules

Chores: Our family’s rules

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Is your child old enough to help around the house? These parents describe how they get their kids to clean their rooms, tidy up, and do other chores.

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My five-year-old does have chores. We rely on her to keep her room clean. If she makes a mess while she’s playing with her toys, she has to pick them up. She doesn’t recognize them as chores, per se. So, she’s very agreeable to helping.

Both of my kids help around the house all the time. If I’m doing the dishes, they want to help me do the dishes. If I’m doing the laundry, my son insists on doing the laundry. Their rooms are immaculate. They just are.

Oh. Handling chores with my five-year-old is difficult. Usually, when I tell her to clean, she goes in there and sleeps. Yeah. On a pile of toys maybe. And then I have to do the rest. So, we haven’t gotten to that cooperating part yet.

Yeah. She has to clean up her room every day. Make sure she makes up her bed. Most of the time she does that as soon as she wakes up.

Each one of my kids have a certain job. For a week, my son—he does the kitchen for a week. The bathroom, for instance. My daughter does the bathroom for a week. The living room, vacuuming, dusting. My other daughter does that for a week. For a straight week, they’ll do it and then they’ll switch up. They’ll switch jobs the second week.

For chores, we usually do them together. She has brooms of different sorts that are her height and like for her age. So, when I’m sweeping, she’s sweeping. If I’m dusting, she’s dusting. So, I kind of show her by example.

Her type of personality is she’s always wanted to help and always wanted to be a part, but they—the trick to it is she’s always wanted to contribute. But sometimes when I have my own agenda or my own speed in mind on how it should be done, I would have the tendency to say, “No. Let me do this.” But I stop myself and incorporate her when she wants to help because to cut off her wanting to contribute didn't make any sense at all. So, I’ll slow myself down and have her participate in it.

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