My child's funniest potty-training moment

My child's funniest potty-training moment

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And I’m in the middle of this meeting and I get this text message and up comes the potty with the biggest, giant poop. Five different colors were in—it was the most disgusting thing. And I was in the middle of this meeting and I just burst out laughing.

And my son is in boxers. He came up to me and said, “Mommy. Mommy. I pooped.” And I checked him. Of course, there’s nothing there. And so, I’m like, “Where’s the poop?” And he’s like, “It’s on the ground.” And so, I’m looking all over for it and I must have just not seen it. And I ended up stepping right in it with my bare foot.

The funniest potty training moment is when she goes to the bathroom in the potty and then wants to dump it out. So, she’ll give it to you. “Hey, mommy. Look what I got.” And you’re like, “Ugh. Don’t want to see that."

She had gone poop and when she flushed the toilet she said, “Bye-bye poopies. Bye-bye. Go home to Nemo.”

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