How I handle my picky eater

How I handle my picky eater

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Is it a battle finding something your child will actually eat? You’re not alone. Parents share ways they’ve found to feed their picky eaters.

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It’s a challenge. We have to get creative with his food because he only likes certain things like chicken nuggets and French fries. And he’ll eat pizza from time to time. So, what we’ll do is a lot of times we’ll incorporate vegetables in the pizza and kind of sometimes mask the food.

I handle the fact that she’s a picky eater with constantly reintroducing fruits and vegetables.

Although it’s frustrating, I just continue to offer the same—different foods and vegetables, foods, to her as much as possible. I heard that it takes 50 times before a child will decide they like it.

Well, I make sure I always have a vegetable and she’ll try anything. It could be very well cooked. It could be raw. She wants it. So, I make sure I have vegetables. And I try to do fresh, but we do have cans because that’s what she’s going to want.

I guess I just pretty much let him eat whatever he wants. So, whatever he feels comfortable with eating, I’ll just let him eat that.

It is always a struggle to get our second child to eat. She’s very picky. And if we’re not feeding her what she wants to eat, she just doesn’t eat.

She understands that she does have to eat her fruits or vegetables before she does get a treat. We—she loves broccoli. She loves edamame, so that’s really important. Greens. And then she does like fruit, so that’s good.

Lately, we say she’s four years old, so she has to eat four bites of whatever I make.

My daughter, Athena, is definitely a picky eater. We usually just try to find something in the house that she likes to eat.

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