Labor pain: How bad it was for me

Labor pain: How bad it was for me

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How bad is labor pain? Moms describe how it felt to be in labor and how they dealt with the pain.

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So the labor pain honestly was not that bad. I had had—we were going to have a homebirth, and I’d had a lot of pain management training with my midwife. So just I had a lot of strategies.


Definitely intense, but if you just stay positive in your thinking—that’s what I tried to do—it was very manageable. I hate to say it was really awesome, but it really was.


Labor pains felt like someone was sending a train through my back and out of my vagina.


I had natural childbirth with all three of my kids so what contractions in childbirth felt like was insanely painful. I kind of in a weird way liked it because I felt like it was something that connected me to all the other women in time.


I have no idea what labor pain would be because I was on an epidural.


I’d seen in the movies with the people screaming and freaking out, and I didn’t really scream. I had the epidural though.


After the epidural, I felt like I could finally concentrate on the job at hand and got things done. 23 hours later we had a boy.


I pushed for three-and-a-half hours, and then finally they were like, “You have to have a C-section.” I was like, “Give me the C-section,” because I was just exhausted.


My original plan was to go without any pain medication so that was what my mind was set on, but about 10 hours into it, I absolutely could not take the pain anymore. At that point, I asked for an epidural.


You know, I had a natural delivery. I was—I seriously felt fine afterwards. My labor was four hours. I was ready for coffee and some chocolate and to hit the road.

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