How I eased my baby's teething pain

How I eased my baby's teething pain

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I would say what helped the most with Maggie’s teething pain would be giving her crunchy things like sticky, little, skinny pretzels or crackers. Things like that.


Easing her teething pain probably had to just been chewing on a cold cloth.


It helped a lot when we give him cold food like a fruit, a cold slice of apple. We give him toys—teething toys that put in the freezer. And he just—he gnaws on it.


His teething pain was ibuprofen. That has been my golden stuff. It helps tremendously. We use it if he’s really having a hard time.


Orajel or just a teething ring. Just something to soothe her gums. Maybe ice cream or something she liked that she wanted in her mouth.


I would use some baby Motrin to sucking on something cold or sometimes distraction.


When my son was going through teething pain, I nursed him for a really long time, so I think that was an easy way to soothe him.


I didn’t find any of the topical stuff to work. He needed to chew and he—and nursing. Just comfort helped.

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